Growing up with a mom who was a public school teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how hard our educators work to ensure the success of our students. And having attended Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools from elementary to high-school, and then UNC-Chapel Hill for college, I understand how vital a strong education system is for our State. In Raleigh, I will work to

  • Increase teacher pay to a nationally-competitive level
  • Increase per-student spending to a nationally-competitive level
  • Restore incentives for teachers that pursue Master’s Degrees
  • Ensure every child has access to a high-quality early-education learning environment
  • Integrate computer science education into our high-school curriculum, to ensure our students are prepared for the future
  • Stop the state legislature’s political interference in our higher education system
  • Work with the UNC System to improve the national rankings of our universities

Economy & Infrastructure

As evidenced by the recent Amazon and Toyota decisions, a low corporate tax rate is not the only factor companies take into consideration when deciding to move somewhere. To keep North Carolina competitive and strengthen our economy, we need to invest in our quality of living and pass legislation that encourages innovation. In Raleigh, I will work to

  • Expand Medicaid to the more than the 600,000 North Carolinians that cannot afford to get sick
  • Strengthen our renewable energy industry and prioritize State contracts to environmentally-conscious businesses
  • Index the minimum wage to inflation, so that it becomes a livable wage
  • Restore the film tax credits, to support our nascent movie industry
  • Bring fiber-optic internet access to every city in North Carolina
  • Upgrade our streets and bridges so that they meet 21st-century standards
  • Transform Charlotte-Douglas International Airport into a global transit hub
  • Explore options for a transportation system to connect every North Carolinian, to help bridge the urban-rural divide and spur industry across our State