Ayoub Ouederni
NC House

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Why I'm Running

I’m running for our state legislature – the General Assembly – because we need thoughtful leadership and an injection of fresh, new ideas into our politics. We need to work across the aisle to push forth an agenda that looks out for every North Carolinian. With our society as polarized as it’s ever been, we need to end partisan bickering and search persistently and wholeheartedly for pragmatic solutions to the issues we face.


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"Growing up in Charlotte, I did everything I could do to give back to our local community. I learned first hand that our strength is in our diversity."
Ayoub Ouederni
Candidate for NC House

Campaign News

Press Release – Ayoub Ouederni running for NC House District 105

Charlotte, NC — Lifelong Charlotte native Ayoub Ouederni has decided to run for NC House District 105. Mr. Ouederni is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and works as a software developer in the Ballantyne area. “I am running for the General Assembly