Dear Friends,

Our great State has always been home. It has given me my happiest memories, provided me with an unparalleled opportunity, and I am forever indebted to my fellow North Carolinians for striving to make this the best state in the Nation.

However, we have slowly lost our status as the beacon of the South. Seeing the deterioration of our state institutions has been disheartening. From lowballing our public school teachers and refusing Medicaid expansion to politicizing our judiciary and disenfranchising minority communities, the state legislature in Raleigh – the General Assembly – has refused to set aside partisanship to pursue policies that improve the lives of North Carolinians.

I am running for the General Assembly because we need thoughtful leadership and an injection of fresh, new ideas into our politics. Our elected officials must embody our core values of dignity, equality, and respect, and carry the burden that is entrusted to them with honor and a sense of duty. We need a General Assembly that works proactively to improve the lives of our citizens and strengthen our State.

One that isn’t afraid of creative and innovative policy solutions.

One that understands that being 40th in public education, or 44th in economic opportunity, or 47th in infrastructure, just won’t cut it.

Charlotte deserves better. North Carolina deserves better.

Progress begins here and now when we decide to make a change. We need to work across the aisle to push forth an agenda that looks out for every North Carolinian. With our society as polarized as it’s ever been, we need to end partisan bickering and search persistently and wholeheartedly for pragmatic solutions to the issues we face. North Carolina is resilient, and I believe in the power of our will and the strength of our fortitude to overcome our political divides and do what is right.

Together, we can equip everybody in our State with the tools they need to succeed.

Together, we can continue to invest in our growth and future.

Together, we can build a better North Carolina.

And together, we will.

Humbly Yours,

Ayoub Ouederni